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Sample Ethics Criteria for AI Ethics Standard Task Force

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Sample Ethics Criteria for AI Ethics Standard Task Force

This document is the guiding framework for the AI Ethics Standard Task Force responsible for reviewing AI tools within our community. Our mission is to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies, fostering trust and inclusivity.

1. Inclusivity:

  • Objective: Ensure diverse representation on the task force to account for varied perspectives.
  • Guidelines: Include members with expertise in technology, ethics, law, community engagement, and other relevant fields for our work.

2. Transparency:

  • Objective: Prioritize open communication and disclosure throughout the AI tool review process.
  • Guidelines:
    • Require all the AI tools being reviewed to provide clear documentation on data sources, algorithms, and decision-making processes.
    • Foster open dialogue between the tool and the community through public forums and accessible communication channels.

3. Accountability:

  • Objective: Define roles, responsibilities, and consequences to promote responsible decision-making.
  • Guidelines:
    • Clearly outline the responsibilities of AI tools, reviewers, and the community being allowed to deploy and access the AI tools.
    • Establish consequences for unethical behavior or the negligent use of AI tools.

4. Impact Assessment:

  • Objective: Evaluate potential consequences on individuals, communities, and the environment before approving AI tools.
  • Guidelines:
    • Implement thorough impact assessments that consider the AI tool's potential biases, risks, and benefits on different demographic groups.
    • Prioritize tools that contribute positively to the community while minimizing harm.

5. Continuous Review:

  • Objective: Establish a mechanism for regular reassessment and adaptation to evolving ethical standards.
  • Guidelines:
    • Conduct periodic reviews of AI tools to ensure ongoing compliance with ethical standards and community needs.
    • Stay informed about emerging ethical considerations in AI and update criteria accordingly.