• How to WakeUp To PowerUp

    Wake Up, Power Up, Work Hard, Play Hard, Repeat




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  • Your morning routine is important. Listen to learn how to reach your full potential with Prime Time, one morning at a time! #WakeUpToPowerUp #PrimeTime

  • "Your most valuable time is between
    4AM and 7AM."

    By Liza Wisner, Creator of PowerUp.org

    Let’s face it, waking up early, living your best life, and juggling a busy workload can be close to impossible. There is not enough time for all of it! That’s why Liza Wisner developed the Prime Time routine in 2014 to start the day positively.


    Prime Time is one of the four Carpe Diem quadrants in a day. The first part of the day is Prime Time, the second is Focus Time, followed by Soul Time, and finally, PowerUp Time to end the day.


    Prime Time is the most important because your morning routine sets the tone, pace, and energy for the rest of your day. If you hit the snooze button several times, rush your way through getting ready, and end up rushing around to catch up, you’ll feel like you’re in a constant race for the rest of the day.


    When you commit to Prime Time daily, you #WakeUpToPowerUp, throw those covers off and meet the day refreshed and ready to make it amazing.


    To perform the Prime Time morning routine, you may need:
    1. Water or something to drink
    2. A pen or something to write with
    3. The Prime Time Journal or something to write on
    4. Something to read


    If you skip a prime time day, that’s ok. Just make up the day by doing double the next day. Whether it takes you 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour, do not skip more than one day!


    By implementing any version of your own "Prime Time" as your morning routine you will be waking up with purpose and with the intention to have a powered up day!

  • Choose TODAY to #PowerUp because
    SOMEDAY is not a day of the WEEK

    Each day before the sun rises, there you are, rising to meet the day.

    You don't waste time and you don't hesitate to start your day.

    You know there is work to be done, goals to be met, challenges to
    overcome, and people that depend on you.


    You live your life just a little differently from everyone else.

    The alarm doesn't need to go off for you.


    Everything you do makes a difference for you, your family, and your community.


    You may not always get the recognition you deserve,
    but you live with the satisfaction of knowing that the work you put in benefits, everyone.


    You do whatever you need to do to get the job done.


    You choose today to #WakeUpToPowerUp your life!


    You are a PowerUp HERO. This show is for you!
    You are the "Agent of Change!"

    • Workers: Health care workers, truck drivers, new construction, turnarounds, outages, rebuilds, offshore, ironworkers, carpenters, welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, instrument techs, mechanics, Day Shift, nigh-shift, or swing shift
    • Moms and Dads: Preparing their homes for their families and busy life. Students: Preparing to be great performers 
    • Entrepreneurs: Waking up early to get the day going.
    • Anyone and Everyone who does what is necessary to provide for themselves, their family, and their community. 
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